Our Aims

At Croft House Nursery we aim to :-

• Provide excellent all-day care and education for children each week day from 7:30 a.m. until 6 p.m.
• Provide a healthy, safe, stimulating, homely environment for all who use Croft House.
• Employ staff who are well qualified and experienced and are committed to working towards and fulfilling the aims and objectives of Croft House.
• Adhere to The Children Act 2004: Every Child Matters, the Bolton Safeguarding Board's Framework for Action procedures to safeguard our children and all Ofsted Regulations.
• Treat each child in our care as individual, taking into account his/her needs.
• Enable each child to develop in personality, confidence and ability, and to work towards achieving his/her own potential.
• Provide an environment which encourages children to enjoy the company of others, develop self-discipline, independence and achieve personal satisfaction.
• Work towards the Early Years Foundation stage introduced by the Government and to take account of the aims of the Bolton Start Well Team.