Exciting events this month
We started off this month by celebrating World Book Day where the children shared their favourite books and dressed up as their most loved book character. We also had some wonderful parents in nursery to share their favourite stories with groups of children.

Wise Owl 2s celebrated the Hindu festival ‘Holi’ on 18th March by taking part in a colour run on the car park using coloured powder paints. The bright colours represent the blossoming of spring, marking the end of winter.

On 21st March, the children wore their odd socks to help celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

On 23rd March, Janet and Kerry organised a staff appreciation brunch for all the ladies to show them how much we appreciate them for all their hard work and dedication.

We invited our Wise Owl 2 mummies into nursery to have afternoon tea with their child to help celebrate Mother’s Day. We all had an absolutely wonderful afternoon spending time together.

Our annual Crocus Walk to place on 26th May and what a fantastic turnout we had. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! Thank you to all our wonderful families who came along to support us – we raised over £135 for Bolton Hospice.

Monitoring Visit
We had a monitoring visit from Jane Howarth, an Early Years Consultant. She was extremely impressed with the practice she saw – staff behaving spontaneously, providing wonderful experiences, engaging so well with the children, making sure that hygiene protocols were high on the agenda. Staff also gave some lovely responses to her comments/queries.

Employee of the Month
Congratulations to Miss Laura who is our Employee of the Month for providing a wonderful afternoon tea for Mother’s Day! It was lovely and all the mums really enjoyed it. (Parent Nomination)

Other nominations included:
Chloe - for fantastic interactions with children, taking constructive advice on board.
Duckling room - “I just want to say how amazing ALL the team are in Ducklings. Nothing is ever too much.” (Parent Nomination)
Emma D – for supporting her room well by working extended hours and for her true commitment and dedication to return to work after a visit to A&E.
Emma S -“I wanted to shout about Miss Emma as she is always so helpful and informative regarding my child. I’ve been struggling with a trapped nerve last week and she even offered to help me get my child into the car for me, very thoughtful and much appreciated.” (Parent Nomination)
Jackie R - for her support during afternoon tea
Julie - for her support during afternoon tea
Kerry – she provided a wonderful staff brunch. It really boosted staff morale! Also, for her support during afternoon tea and “always helping out especially when staff were off due to illness. Always to the rescue!” (Parent Nomination)
Maria - for her support during afternoon tea
Meg B-L - “she has been absolutely amazing with the children and especially to my child. She is always smiling and welcoming first thing in the morning and has always provided us with full feedback to how my child has been all day.” (Parent Nomination)
Morgan - for her support during afternoon tea.
Rae - for being flexible with working times
Sarah - for her support during afternoon tea and for keeping calm in a stressful situation and not letting it ‘dull her sparkle.’
Shannon - for her support during afternoon tea
Susanne - for her support during afternoon tea
Toni - for her “can do” attitude and for organising the Crocus Walk. Also, for always providing help when needed.
Tori – “Not only does my child love her lots but we fully appreciate everything she does. Her handovers are amazing and detailed, we get such a great insight to my child’s character and it’s lovely to see the relationship that they have. Tori is so professional, caring and absolutely amazing at her job. I see this with my child but also the other babies in the room. She's a credit to you and I just wanted to give her the thanks she deserves because I never tell her enough.” (Parent Nomination)
Tracy - for being flexible with working times and for her support during afternoon tea.
Vicky - for stepping in when a colleague was absent.
Younger Ducklings - for always being positive and keeping the children happy.

Dates for your Diary
15th April – Nursery closed for Good Friday
18th April – Nursery closed for Easter Monday
2nd May – Nursery closed for May Bank Holiday
13th May – Wise Owl 2 leaver’s photograph
2nd & 3rd June – Nursery closed for the Queen’s Jubilee
7th July – Wise Owl 2 trip to Smithills Farm

Resources Purchased
Ducklings have purchased some new attachments for their busy board.
Busy Bees have purchased a new pirate ship for their outdoor area
Wise Owl 1s have purchased some wooden water channels
Wise Owl 2s have purchased a new welly rack and “Tracy’s Trolley” which is filled with lots of new outdoor equipment including bats, balls and hoops.

Staff Training this month
Emma D has completed a sensory processing course.
Maillie and Maryann have completed baby training
Apprentices have had observation training
All staff have completed training on the ‘effective strategies in place to support children’s mental well-being in Early Years’ which was led by Emma D.

Exciting events this month
We started off this month by celebrating Chinese New Year. All rooms experienced different activities relating to Chinese New Year including writing names in Chinese, making dragons, trying a variety of Chinese foods using chopsticks and taking part in a Chinese dragon dance.

Children’s Mental Health Week took place on the 7th – 13th February and Busy Bees explored emotions relating to pictures, using mirrors to copy them. They then made representations in the sand using a bamboo brush and took part in some yoga. Finally, they improved their emotional well-being at the health spa, enjoying relaxing with facemasks and cucumber eye coverings.
The Wise Owls explored their emotions using the mirrors to look at how their faces show different feelings. They also shared stories, discussing character’s feelings and enjoyed a mindful walk in the forest, listening to the sounds of nature, talking about feeling relaxed and happy.

Holiday Club took place 14th-18th February where the children completed a variety of activities based around the Winter Olympics in China. They made melting snowman biscuits, snowflakes, playdough snowmen, icicles, built igloos out of sugar cubes and carried out science experiments using ice.

I am delighted to inform you that Miss Holly was runner up in the Paragon Skills Apprenticeships Award 2022. She was chosen as a finalist out of the 4000 learners who are trained by Paragon Skills, and she came second. This is a huge achievement for Holly, and we are so proud of her! I am equally delighted to let you know that Croft House Nursery was also chosen out of 1500 organisations as runner-up in the SME (Childcare) section. We are all extremely happy and thrilled with both awards!
I am also delighted to let you know that Miss Emma D has been awarded with a first-class BA Hons degree in Early Years Childhood Studies. We are all immensely proud!

Employee of the Month
Congratulations to Miss Holly who is our Employee of the Month for her fantastic achievement in coming second in the Paragon Skills Apprenticeships Awards 2022. Also “for being really influential to our daughter. She always talks about her at home and the things she's done for her” (Parent Nomination)
“for always giving brilliant specific feedback about my child’s day and doesn't rush through it! (Parent N)

Other nominations included:
Abi - for always caring about everyone’s wellbeing and making sure everyone is ok
Aimee - for creating some fantastic learning opportunities for the children, supporting staff within the room and being a wonderful room leader.
Aimee - for being really kind and comforting and spending a lot of time with my child to settle him back into nursery. (Parent Nomination)
Ayan – “she offered support to carry my bags when I had my hands full whilst carrying my child into nursery.”
Beth, Meg, Sarah and Laura from Wise Owl 2 – all wonderful and guided by a wonderful manager in Janet (Parent Nomination)
Busy Bee Room – for completing a wonderful activity during Children’s Mental Health Week. “My child hasn’t stopped talking about the amazing spa day they had with cucumbers on their eyes! Speaking to all the ladies in the room about it this morning and they all lit up and full of smiles I think they enjoyed it too! It is so lovely to see their hard work and commitment to engaging the children and making things fun especially around mental health and wellbeing as it is very important to me and everyone.” (PN)
Busy Bee Room - for supporting a colleague and taking on extra duties
Deena - for quickly implementing positive changes to the Butterfly Room
Daniella - for making the room transition as smooth as possible and for her continued support (Parent Nomination)
Duckling Room - “they have made me feel so welcome and included. I couldn’t have asked to be in a better room. The staff all look out for me which makes me feel so happy and the reason that I look forward to attending work.”

Dates for your Diary
3rd March – World Book Day
26th March 10am – Crocus Walk
15th April – Nursery closed for Good Friday
18th April – Nursery closed for Easter Monday

Staff training this month
All staff completed ‘Magic and Sparkle’ training on 17th February with Debbie Garvey, an Early Years consultant and author of several books relating to Early Years. It was our first major face to face training event for two years and was such an uplifting, positive evening. We looked at our environments from a child’s perspective, what makes them sparkle, what makes us sparkle. We also touched on brain development in the early years as well as mental health for adults and children.

Rae, Tracy, Laura, Beth, Emma T, Abi, Dawn, Deena, Daniella, Danielle, Ebony and Meg completed their paediatric first aid training on 19th February.

Some of our apprentices have completed EYFS training and revised the seven key features of effective practice.

Rachel Wo has completed FGM training.


Happy New Year! We hope that you and your family all enjoyed the festive period and had a wonderful new year.

Exciting events this month
We started off this month by learning about winter. The children have explored in winter themed tuff trays, been learning about Arctic/Antarctic animals, tracing letters in snow sand, building snowmen using playdough and different 2D shapes and making hot chocolates using cocoa playdough, marshmallows and sprinkles.

Wise Owl 2s have been learning about ‘Burns Night’ and discussed why it is celebrated. They explored haggis in the tuff tray and used their senses to describe the texture and smell. They also listened to bagpipes and had a go at some Scottish dancing!

We have been celebrating The Big Garden Birdwatch by completing a variety of bird related activities, including bird spotting in the forest, making bird feeders, painting pictures of birds and researching facts about birds.

The children in After School club celebrated National Lego day and worked in groups to design and construct different models from Lego bricks.

Swimming lessons have restarted for Wise Owl 2 children at Horwich Leisure Centre as well as Forest School sessions.

Employee of the Month
Congratulations to Judy who is our Employee of the Month for always doing jobs beyond her expected role. She always greets every child with a big smile and offers her support to all rooms without a second thought. She also purchases toys for the children.

Other nominations included:
Beth – for completing fantastic evidence me observations. They are detailed, very informative and regularly updated. “My child has recently moved rooms and has settled so well - thank you so much.” (Parent nomination)
Cortney – for always giving such fantastic feedback. (Parent nomination)
Dawn - for her continued support and dedication when in After School Club whilst a member of staff was absent
Emma D - for always offering support to others when in need.
Emma S - “for always going the extra mile to bond with my child and giving lovely feedback.” (Parent nomination)
Jacky G - for helping and supporting After School Club
Jackie W - for her continued support and dedication in After School Club whilst a member of staff was absent.
Kim - “for being absolutely fantastic. She is a very calming influence and so knowledgeable.” (Parent nomination)
Lindsay M - for being a good listening ear and helping to make the day run smoothly.
Lucy - for taking the lead during a challenging week.
Morgan - for how well she managed the room during a challenging week.
Rachel Wi - for always giving lovely feedback – “you can tell she really knows the children and spots the little things, which makes her feedback feel special and so personal. Our little boy is always happy to go to her and if he has a wobble we know he is happy to go to Miss Rachel for comfort and reassurance.” (Parent nomination)
Shannon - for always being so positive and interested in what's going on with my child and us as a family. We really appreciate the attention and kindness she continues to show to my child, helping her feel so comfortable at nursery. (Parent nomination)
Terri - for being a supportive team player and taking on extra roles.

Dates for your Diary

17th February – Staff training (Nursery to close at 4pm)
3rd March – World Book Day
26th March 10am – Crocus Walk
15th April – Nursery closed for Good Friday
18th April – Nursery closed for Easter Monday

Resources purchased.

Wise Owl 1s have purchased bird feeders and planted spring bulbs.

Wise Owl 2s have purchased a toy fire engine and some Arctic animals.

Staff training this month

All staff have completed Safeguarding training and Prevent Duty and British Values training.

Exciting News
I am thrilled to announce that Miss Holly has been nominated as Apprentice of the Year with Paragon Skills, our main apprentice training provider. Very well done to Miss Holly who qualified in the summer last year!
We have also been informed that Croft House Nursery has been nominated as Childcare SME Employer of the Year with Paragon Skills.

Exciting events this month
We started off the month with such a boost after hosting our first ever Christmas light switch on. Thank you to everyone who attended to support us, helping to make it such a magical evening. We had a visit from Father Christmas and his elf Twinkle, as well as being joined by many members of Horwich Community Choir singing with us. Many thanks to all the staff for helping the event run smoothly and for providing the campfire, hot chocolate, marshmallows, mulled wine and mince pies, lantern making, supporting Father Christmas and sorting the ‘reindeer’. We raised £211 for Father Christmas’ charity – Urban Outreach Bolton.

It was Christmas jumper day on 10th December and we raised £90.80 for Save the Children.

We had our annual Nativity service at Holy Trinity Church on 11th December. The children were excellent at singing, acting, dancing and helping to tell the traditional Nativity story!

Our Christmas parties took place w/c 13th December.
Wise Owls had a visit from Razzle Dazzle the clown and Father Christmas visited to speak to the children and gave a present.

Forest School
Miss Tracy and Miss Laura have completed a variety of sessions including mud painting, a bear hunt in the forest, making reindeer tree cookies, completing a Father Christmas hunt in the forest and following clues to find an elf hidden in the forest!

Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Miss Kerry
who is our Employee of the
Month for organising the
Christmas light switch on
and having the vision. Also for
organising the ‘Jingle and
Mingle’ evening for staff.

Other nominations included:
Abi for her incredibly supportive and proactive response following a child’s diagnosis, reassuring parents that their child was in safe hands. (parent)
Abi for taking a child’s new favourite interest and planning a fantastic activity to go with it. “Just amazing to feel that my child is well thought of and I feel very valued”. (parent)
Holly for being the best support in the WO1 room. She is super helpful, caring and excellent with parents.
Cortney for always ensuring the staff room is tidy and clean.
Laura for stepping in to provide more Christmas resources for another room when they had run out.
Lindsay W for all her efforts for the staff jingle and mingle evening.
Meg H for her dedication to making sure the children in after school club are happy through the club she has set up and providing resources.
Rae for being supportive in Butterflies and helping with various tasks.
Sarah for always promoting her staff’s wellbeing and directing staff to ensure the nativity was a success.

The Listening Ear Project
We have set up a Listening Ear Project within nursery for staff members. We have six members of staff who can offer a listening ear to colleagues when they want to talk something through that is worrying them - a problem shared can be a problem halved.
The project enables two people to go to a safe, quiet environment and have a chat and a listen.
All of our “Listening ears” have undertaken Staff Mental Health training to help them have a better understanding of how to support colleagues.

If your brain feels scrambled
and no matter how you fry
life isn't going eggsactly as you planned
and you feel like you're cracking
Please don't fry to be hard-boiled
and withdraw into your shell.
Please talk to someone
Life isn't always sunny side up
and Mental Health is no yoke

@all on the board
Taken from All on the board, inspirational quotes from the TFL Underground Duo


Exciting events this month
This month, all rooms have completed a variety of activities to celebrate Divali and Bonfire Night, including making Divas, sparklers and firework paintings.
The Wise Owl 2 children visited the War Memorial in Horwich on Remembrance to pay their respects to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us.

Photograph day took place this month which was a successful event and the children cooperated well, displaying excellent behaviour. The photographs, as I’m sure you’ll agree, look fantastic.

The highlight of the month was Children In Need Day, where children came to nursery dressed in their pyjamas. The children completed a variety of activities including visiting the forest to find bears hiding amongst the trees, reading bear stories whilst having a delicious cup of hot chocolate and having a teddy bear’s picnic.

Forest School
Miss Tracy and Miss Laura have started a new block of Forest School sessions with groups of Wise Owl children. A variety of activities have taken place, including making stick sparklers, completing a scavenger hunt, making hedgehogs by hammering nails into wood, making tree cookie spinning tops, a bear hunt in the forest and making bear necklaces.

Employee of the Month
Congratulations to Miss Tori who is our Employee of the Month for always giving good, honest feedback and setting up creative activities for the children.
Other nominations included:
Annalise for sending regular, detailed updates on Evidence Me.
Beth for setting up a lovely range of activities for the children and being a good team player.
Cortney for having the ability and confidence to take the lead in the Duckling room.
Emma D for taking responsibility to help other rooms to tidy up.
Emma S for giving excellent feedback to parents. Emma T for sending regular Evidence Me observations and being a supportive member of staff
Hannah for helping to support other members of staff.

Resources bought
Every room has purchased new books for Christmas and Wise Owl 2’s have purchased Divali books.
Ducklings have bought new wooden toys including a trolley, garage, pram, till and toaster as well as a stainless-steel tea set.

Staff training this month
Emma T is currently pursuing her Level 3 certificate in Forest School Programme Leadership. She has attended a week-long Forest School Teacher training course at Brockholes Nature Reserve. She will be fully qualified once she has created a detailed portfolio relating to forest school experiences and skills, a 3-day practical assessment course and a 2 – day outdoor first aid course.
Janet has completed mental health training for staff.
Various staff have completed Hygge training. Apprentices have completed EYFS training
Rae has completed a preparation for Ofsted course.

Holly for being absolutely amazing at settling a child and having a kind, caring personality.
Meg for being an absolute superstar with a child.
Rachel W for helping to support Before/After School Club and being flexible with her work
Rae for helping to support After School Club
Vicky for being flexible with her work and providing extra support.
The Butterfly room for writing fantastic daily email reports to parents.