Miss Aimee attended a Music Box training session at Eagley Infant School. She learnt some new songs and musical techniques and is using these with the Ladybird children as well as others at Singing Time.

Miss Terri, our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator attended a training meeting.

Janet attended a meeting with the Bolton Start well team. Updates on health issues and children’s learning and development were shared.

We took delivery of lots of new equipment e.g. an exciting dolls’ house in Busy Bees, a new cosy chair in Ducklings and some lovely furniture for our Parents’ Room.

Croft House Nursery Blog 1

The builders and staff worked extremely hard to make sure that the new Wise Owl room was ready for the last week of October. The room is very exciting with a lovely Forest Den, a very impressive Smart board, and lots of new equipment. The room has lovely views over the stream and Janet saw the heron in the stream a few weeks ago.

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A nurse came in to advise staff on how to deal with children that have epilepsy.

Our Photograph Day was extremely successful, a lot less stressful than it used to be at the old nursery when there was very little space. Most parents generally seemed to be thrilled with the photos of their children.

The end of the month saw the end of a very long era for Croft House Nursery. All our Nursery children have now moved out of the original building and are altogether at the new premises. Whilst lots of people have very fond memories of the old Croft House there is no doubt that the new building provides us with so many wonderful opportunities for the future. Our Before and After School children remain at the old building until the first floor of the new building is ready for them, sometime in the New Year.

Janet continues to work with our apprentices to ensure that as well as being well-trained, they have a good understanding of our very high standards at Croft House.

Employee of the month October 2018:

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Miss Cortney – for her positive attitude towards learning & for carrying out tasks assigned to her.

Other nominations:

Miss Danielle - for reassuring a new Duckling parent

Miss Judy - for being supportive

Miss Lyndsey F - for fabulous feedback

Miss Megan H - for very enthusiastic story time

Miss Morgan - fantastic approach to afterschool club

Miss Jodie - fantastic approach to afterschool club