This month was a very busy month with lots of Christmas -related events taking place. The Wise Owls took part in our Nativity Service at Holy Trinity Church, performing The Lucky Owls which tells the Nativity story from animals’ perspective. The children were fantastic and they sang, acted and danced beautifully.

We had a visit from a member of the Bolton Startwell Team who came to ensure that we are fully prepared for our next Ofsted Inspection which could take place at any time.
We took delivery of some problem solving equipment.

We had some very successful Christmas parties at Nursery and Father Christmas visited us and brought each child a book as a Christmas present.
Many of our children and some staff wore their Christmas Jumpers and outfits on certain days in December, including on Christmas Lunch Day.
Staff appraisals continued to take place.

Wise Owls made Christmas cards for Friends of Croft House and some of the children went posting cards to people who live on Bridge Street.

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There was a festive Forest School session - some of the Wise Owls went for a Santa Hunt in the Forest and found treats along the way. They made wooden Santa pegs and had a campfire roasting marshmallow, snowmen kebabs.

Work continued to progress on the upper floor of Phase Two in readiness for our Before and After school club.

Employee of the month December 2018:

Miss Kerry – for her organisational skills for the festive season & putting others needs before her own.

Other nominations:

Miss Meg H - enthusiasm & detail when giving feedback to parents
Miss Vicky - using her initiative
Miss Judy - for supporting in the kitchen
Miss Jacky - for supporting colleagues
Miss Hannah B - for her positive attitude
Miss Annalise - excellent feedback
Miss Morgan - using her initiative
Miss Lindsay W - helping to organise Christmas lunch