This month some new staff started at Nursery - Miss Laura, our new Nursery teacher; Miss Brenda, our new Cook; Miss Chloe, who began her apprenticeship with us & Miss Hannah G who left in the autumn, has now returned to us, and is working at our Before and After School club, as well as supporting Nursery four mornings per week.

More Forest School sessions took place, led by Miss Tracy and Janet – themes included bird watching, making nests for owls, looking for a lost Teddy in the snow, and bridge building.

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We had a visit from a violinist – one of our children’s uncles. He played us some wonderful music on his violin and showed us how to play two smaller violins.

Many families took part in the Big Bird Watch and we had special displays around Nursery showing the various birds we see in our local environment. We are making sure that the birds are well fed during winter-time.

All the staff had evening meetings to look at the Ofsted criteria for an Outstanding Setting. We identified our strengths and the areas we still need to work on.

Swimming lessons resumed for Wise Owls.

We purchased some new equipment and furniture, including an outdoor pergola for the
Butterflies and new Tuff (builders’) trays in various rooms.

Miss Abi – our Health Champion, has signed us up to participate in a ‘Supervised Toothbrushing Scheme’ for all children aged 2 & over. Each child taking part will receive a free toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste to use at nursery. Staff in your child’s room will give you more information regarding this.

Various staff attended courses:
Miss Emma J & Miss Jade: Sensory processing
Miss Lauren: WellComm – a speech and language toolkit for Early Years
Miss Sarah C: language stimulation
Miss Kerry: assessing progress in the Early Years
Miss Abi: Promoting Communication and Language and use of the Bolton Council Toothbrush scheme

Employee of the month January 2019:

Croft House Nursery Blog January 19 13

Miss Suzanne
Excellent knowledge of nursery policies and carrying out extra duties above and beyond expectations

Other Nominations:
Miss Holly – Putting others’ needs first
Miss Meg T – Her positive attitude with parents
Miss Lauren T – Supporting new colleagues
Miss Chloe- Using her initiative
Miss Lucy - For offering to carry out extra tasks
Miss Jodie- Taking responsibility