This month our new Holiday Club, offering places to any local school children, continued to be very popular. The children went to places including the cinema, Bolton Museum, the Fire Station and spent a lot of time outdoors in the Forest. In the last week they created their ow version of The Greatest Showman. We are now taking bookings for Half-term and a few days over the Christmas period.

Staff have been continuing to carry out Home Visits to children from families new to Nursery.
Wise Owl staff had an evening meeting to discuss their aims for the coming year.
Forest School sessions continued for Wise Owls and these included woodworking skills and campfires.

Some of the Wise Owls had their final forest school session with Miss Tracy. They went to Purl’s meadow and received a letter from Walter Wise Owl asking to make him
some owl friends. They each had a wooden log and carefully used a hammer to attach milk bottle lids for eyes and various materials to create an owl. The children then finished off the session by toasting pizza baguettes on the campfire which they prepared themselves.

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Other Wise Owls had their final woodland learning session with Miss Laura. The children each had a treasure map and had to follow the clues to find teddy bears hidden in the forest. Each teddy bear had a pack of puzzle pieces which the children added on to their maps. Once all the teddy bears had been found their map revealed a secret message to go to the allotment to claim a prize. The children found a golden box which was full of magic stars! The children displayed excellent teamwork during the session.

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Employee of the month

August 2019

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Miss Maria
Going above and beyond what is expected of her.

Other Nominations for August 19
Miss Chloe G – Showing willingness to take on extra tasks
Miss Abi – Showing commitment and supporting others
Miss Meg W – Supporting nursery
Miss Julie G – Showing commitment and dedication in her role at holiday club
Miss Tracy- Taking on other tasks
Miss Sophie – Taking on extra tasks
Miss Hannah G – Being enthusiastic and dedicated
Miss Terri – Supporting others
Miss Suzanne – supporting parents with good advice