Exciting events this month
This month the Wise Owl 2 children have started their swimming lessons at Horwich Leisure Centre.
We hosted parents’ meetings for Wise Owl 2s, Younger Ducklings and Older Ducklings. All the meetings went very well, and it was a wonderful opportunity for parents to speak to one another and share information.
The Wise Owl 1 and 2 children have started eating their lunch and tea in the dining room which will help to prepare the children for school.
We have had two PGCE students with us, Miss Georgia and Miss Rebekah, who are carrying out a placement in the Wise Owl 1 and 2 rooms.
All the rooms have been exploring pumpkins to enhance the children’s learning. Busy Bees and Wise Owls 2s set up their own pumpkin patch and other rooms have provided pumpkins for different activities for the children to investigate, such as making their own pumpkin soup and using their senses to explore the inside of a pumpkin.

Forest School
Miss Tracy and Miss Laura have been carrying out Forest School sessions with groups of Wise Owl 2 children. A variety of activities have taken place, including building rafts and racing them along the stream, making owl necklaces using a carpenter’s brace drill, making mud slides, painting minibeasts using mud paint, making a pinecone Gruffalo and making broomsticks and wands.

Employee of the Month
Congratulations to Miss Cortney who is our Employee of the month for being a very good team player and for giving detailed, animated and positive feedback to parents.

Other nominations included:
Abi for being very friendly and welcoming.
Aimee for providing extra support to help a child settle into nursery.
Ebony for growing in confidence when reporting to parents.
Ellie for dedicating her break to help support the room and for completing a fantastic first observation for her Level 2 qualification.
Emma D for putting 110% into all aspects of her work and supporting a parent whose child went to hospital.
Emma S for being flexible with her hours and always setting up beautiful activities.
Holly for being a credit to Croft House and being informative and positive. Also, for supporting Wise Owls on swimming days.
Judy for going the extra mile helping to set the Duckling room up for the meeting.
Lauren S for carrying out a fantastic observation with the children for her tutor.
Lindsay M for providing an uplifting gesture to a parent and providing thorough and detailed feedback to parents.
Maryann for supporting a nervous child well in swimming lessons and for providing fantastic feedback to parents, being so polite and welcoming.
Morgan for being an excellent communicator in the Wise Owl Parents’ meeting
Rae for adapting so well in her new role and being a true role model. Also, for supporting in Forest School. Sarah for helping to support in the Wise Owl Parents’ meeting
Shannon for encouraging a child to try different foods.
Vicky for bringing a very positive attitude to work. She is focussed, positive and bubbly and she makes others feel happier.
All members of staff in the Butterfly room for being amazing “We are so happy our child enjoys Croft so much as she does”