Exciting events this month
This month, all rooms have completed a variety of activities to celebrate Divali and Bonfire Night, including making Divas, sparklers and firework paintings.
The Wise Owl 2 children visited the War Memorial in Horwich on Remembrance to pay their respects to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us.

Photograph day took place this month which was a successful event and the children cooperated well, displaying excellent behaviour. The photographs, as I’m sure you’ll agree, look fantastic.

The highlight of the month was Children In Need Day, where children came to nursery dressed in their pyjamas. The children completed a variety of activities including visiting the forest to find bears hiding amongst the trees, reading bear stories whilst having a delicious cup of hot chocolate and having a teddy bear’s picnic.

Forest School
Miss Tracy and Miss Laura have started a new block of Forest School sessions with groups of Wise Owl children. A variety of activities have taken place, including making stick sparklers, completing a scavenger hunt, making hedgehogs by hammering nails into wood, making tree cookie spinning tops, a bear hunt in the forest and making bear necklaces.

Employee of the Month
Congratulations to Miss Tori who is our Employee of the Month for always giving good, honest feedback and setting up creative activities for the children.
Other nominations included:
Annalise for sending regular, detailed updates on Evidence Me.
Beth for setting up a lovely range of activities for the children and being a good team player.
Cortney for having the ability and confidence to take the lead in the Duckling room.
Emma D for taking responsibility to help other rooms to tidy up.
Emma S for giving excellent feedback to parents. Emma T for sending regular Evidence Me observations and being a supportive member of staff
Hannah for helping to support other members of staff.

Resources bought
Every room has purchased new books for Christmas and Wise Owl 2’s have purchased Divali books.
Ducklings have bought new wooden toys including a trolley, garage, pram, till and toaster as well as a stainless-steel tea set.

Staff training this month
Emma T is currently pursuing her Level 3 certificate in Forest School Programme Leadership. She has attended a week-long Forest School Teacher training course at Brockholes Nature Reserve. She will be fully qualified once she has created a detailed portfolio relating to forest school experiences and skills, a 3-day practical assessment course and a 2 – day outdoor first aid course.
Janet has completed mental health training for staff.
Various staff have completed Hygge training. Apprentices have completed EYFS training
Rae has completed a preparation for Ofsted course.

Holly for being absolutely amazing at settling a child and having a kind, caring personality.
Meg for being an absolute superstar with a child.
Rachel W for helping to support Before/After School Club and being flexible with her work
Rae for helping to support After School Club
Vicky for being flexible with her work and providing extra support.
The Butterfly room for writing fantastic daily email reports to parents.