Exciting events this month
We started off this month by celebrating World Book Day where the children shared their favourite books and dressed up as their most loved book character. We also had some wonderful parents in nursery to share their favourite stories with groups of children.

Wise Owl 2s celebrated the Hindu festival ‘Holi’ on 18th March by taking part in a colour run on the car park using coloured powder paints. The bright colours represent the blossoming of spring, marking the end of winter.

On 21st March, the children wore their odd socks to help celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

On 23rd March, Janet and Kerry organised a staff appreciation brunch for all the ladies to show them how much we appreciate them for all their hard work and dedication.

We invited our Wise Owl 2 mummies into nursery to have afternoon tea with their child to help celebrate Mother’s Day. We all had an absolutely wonderful afternoon spending time together.

Our annual Crocus Walk to place on 26th May and what a fantastic turnout we had. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! Thank you to all our wonderful families who came along to support us – we raised over £135 for Bolton Hospice.

Monitoring Visit
We had a monitoring visit from Jane Howarth, an Early Years Consultant. She was extremely impressed with the practice she saw – staff behaving spontaneously, providing wonderful experiences, engaging so well with the children, making sure that hygiene protocols were high on the agenda. Staff also gave some lovely responses to her comments/queries.

Employee of the Month
Congratulations to Miss Laura who is our Employee of the Month for providing a wonderful afternoon tea for Mother’s Day! It was lovely and all the mums really enjoyed it. (Parent Nomination)

Other nominations included:
Chloe - for fantastic interactions with children, taking constructive advice on board.
Duckling room - “I just want to say how amazing ALL the team are in Ducklings. Nothing is ever too much.” (Parent Nomination)
Emma D – for supporting her room well by working extended hours and for her true commitment and dedication to return to work after a visit to A&E.
Emma S -“I wanted to shout about Miss Emma as she is always so helpful and informative regarding my child. I’ve been struggling with a trapped nerve last week and she even offered to help me get my child into the car for me, very thoughtful and much appreciated.” (Parent Nomination)
Jackie R - for her support during afternoon tea
Julie - for her support during afternoon tea
Kerry – she provided a wonderful staff brunch. It really boosted staff morale! Also, for her support during afternoon tea and “always helping out especially when staff were off due to illness. Always to the rescue!” (Parent Nomination)
Maria - for her support during afternoon tea
Meg B-L - “she has been absolutely amazing with the children and especially to my child. She is always smiling and welcoming first thing in the morning and has always provided us with full feedback to how my child has been all day.” (Parent Nomination)
Morgan - for her support during afternoon tea.
Rae - for being flexible with working times
Sarah - for her support during afternoon tea and for keeping calm in a stressful situation and not letting it ‘dull her sparkle.’
Shannon - for her support during afternoon tea
Susanne - for her support during afternoon tea
Toni - for her “can do” attitude and for organising the Crocus Walk. Also, for always providing help when needed.
Tori – “Not only does my child love her lots but we fully appreciate everything she does. Her handovers are amazing and detailed, we get such a great insight to my child’s character and it’s lovely to see the relationship that they have. Tori is so professional, caring and absolutely amazing at her job. I see this with my child but also the other babies in the room. She's a credit to you and I just wanted to give her the thanks she deserves because I never tell her enough.” (Parent Nomination)
Tracy - for being flexible with working times and for her support during afternoon tea.
Vicky - for stepping in when a colleague was absent.
Younger Ducklings - for always being positive and keeping the children happy.

Dates for your Diary
15th April – Nursery closed for Good Friday
18th April – Nursery closed for Easter Monday
2nd May – Nursery closed for May Bank Holiday
13th May – Wise Owl 2 leaver’s photograph
2nd & 3rd June – Nursery closed for the Queen’s Jubilee
7th July – Wise Owl 2 trip to Smithills Farm

Resources Purchased
Ducklings have purchased some new attachments for their busy board.
Busy Bees have purchased a new pirate ship for their outdoor area
Wise Owl 1s have purchased some wooden water channels
Wise Owl 2s have purchased a new welly rack and “Tracy’s Trolley” which is filled with lots of new outdoor equipment including bats, balls and hoops.

Staff Training this month
Emma D has completed a sensory processing course.
Maillie and Maryann have completed baby training
Apprentices have had observation training
All staff have completed training on the ‘effective strategies in place to support children’s mental well-being in Early Years’ which was led by Emma D.