Some chicks came to visit us for the day (please see Facebook). Some of the children held the chicks and others helped to feed them. We talked about where they had come from and how best to look after them.

Croft House Nursery Blog April 2018 1 Croft House Nursery Blog April 2018 2


We also had a visit from Spud, Miss Kerry’s lamb. He was tiny and had to wear a nappy whilst he was at Nursery. Some of the children helped to feed him (please see Facebook)

.Croft House Nursery Blog April 2018 3

Miss Terri went on some courses to help her in the role of Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. Miss Annalise continued with her Sign along training.

Swimming lessons for the Wise Owls re-commenced following the Easter break.

Staff appraisals continued to be held.

Our friend Bernie came to help us tidy up our wicker den on the Meadow.

One of our Dads who is a police officer, came to Nursery to talk to the older children about his job. He showed us his special van and allowed us to sit in it (please see Facebook).

Croft House Nursery Blog April 2018 4

Sarah and Janet visited a local nursery to see how they teach phonics to their pre-schoolers.

We purchased a number of items of equipment including a den for Busy Bees (another is coming soon for Butterflies), some mini quad bikes for Butterflies and quite a lot of ‘Builders’ tools’ to link in with our ‘real builders’ who are working on Phase Two of the Nursery. They were very jealous of our cement mixer, spirit levels and tape measures!

Employee of the month April 2018:

Miss Heather - for putting Nursery first and being diligent in her role.

Croft House Nursery Blog April 2018 5

Other nominations:
Miss Toni - putting others needs before her own
Miss Jade - supporting her colleagues
Miss Lauren - following safeguarding policy & procedures
Miss Sophie - undertaking tasks in her own time
Miss Pat - taking on extra tasks & supporting others
Miss Jackie - supporting staff & breakfast & mealtimes
Miss Polly - for her pasta dish (nominated by a grandparent)
Miss Danielle - taking on the duty of tidying the staff room
Miss Beth - her role as a key person (nominated by a parent)

Several staff attended courses on working with children with additional needs.

Miss Annalise started on her Signalong course.

We had lovely weather and a really good turnout for our annual Crocus Walk to Rivington Barn

Croft House Nursery Blog March 1

Mr Liam Carr from Carr’s Pasties came to work with Owlets to show them how to make delicious pasties.

We had Lauren, a student from Paderborn, Germany, working with Wise Owls. The children loved her.

Some of the Wise Owls had afternoon tea in the Dining Room at Croft House Two as part of their ‘café’ theme. This will
continue into April

Croft House Nursery Blog March 2



We took delivery of some new tyres and crates to help us develop our outdoor area.

Employee of the month – March 2018

March Employee of the month

Employee of the month is Miss Emma J for putting Nursery’s needs first and for being diligent in her role

Miss Toni for putting others’ needs before her own
Miss Jade and Miss Abi for their dedication to their Key children.
Miss Lauren J for excellent communication skills and for updating kitchen staff with important information.
Miss Terri for her continue support to the Busy Bees
Miss Lauren T. Miss Hannah G., Miss Vicky and Miss Tori for taking on additional tasks
The Wise Owl Team for welcoming Miss Lauren T.
Employee of the month is Miss Emma J for putting Nursery’s needs first and for being diligent in her role.

Wise Owls celebrated the Chinese New Year by, amongst other things, making a Chinese dragon and creating a dance with it (please see our Facebook page).

We had a full staff meeting at which we discussed how to give Fantastic Focussed Feedback to parents and ensuring that every aspect of our practice is Outstanding.

Lindsay and Janet attended training on GDPR (General Data protection Regulation)

Croft House Nursery Blog February 1

Croft House Nursery Blog February 2

We had lots of fun in the snow!

Mr Carr, from Carr’s pasties came into Croft House Nursery 1 to help Owlets and Wise Owls make delicious pasties (please see our Facebook page).

Miss Polly, our Cook at CH1  did some baking with our older children.

Janet attended the Bolton Early Years briefing which covered a number of topics relating to early years.

Everyone sampled pancakes at Nursery on Shrove Tuesday.

We celebrated St. Valentine’s Day by making things for the people we love.

Busy Bees visited the chickens near the school allotment – other children visited the allotment to see what is currently growing.

And finally…. Janet became a Grandma – her daughter-in-law, Laura and son, Jonny became the proud new parents of a beautiful little boy called Isaac Martin. Janet is besotted!

                Employee of the month – February 2018

Feb Employee of the month

Employee of the month award goes to Miss Hannah G. for being an
excellent Key Person and for her continued support in the Owlet Room.

Miss Jade, Miss Vicky and Miss Beth for their Fantastic Focussed Feedback to parents.
Miss Aimee, Miss Sophie B., Miss Megan H., and Miss Heather for undertaking extra duties that were not expected of them
 Miss Maria for being diligent in her work
 Miss Pat for continuing to support CH 1 as well as working in the kitchen at CH2,
Miss Polly for taking on extra tasks.
Employee of the month award goes to Miss Hannah G. for being an excellent Key Person and for her continued support in the Owlet Room.

Wise Owl swimming lessons recommenced at the new Leisure Centre.

Janet attended a Health & Safety/Fire awareness training course.

Forest School sessions have started again with the children enjoying activities such as hunting for mini beasts, making pastry & feeding the birds. They particularly enjoyed ‘1,2,3, Where are you’ in which they run away from the leader and then come back when instructed to – this is a great way of children developing their listening skills.

Croft House Nursery Blog January 1 Croft House Nursery Blog January 2

We took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.  We have lots of bird feeders in the area surrounding nursery and have been carrying out surveys to see which birds visit us. We also made lots of our own bird food & feeders.

A meeting was held at Croft House to discuss the future of the local nature reserve.

Staff appraisals started.

We have purchased new prams for the Duckling room & Busy Bees ordered new outdoor equipment.

Miss Megan W. is now qualified Level 3 & Miss Tasha & Miss Megan H. passed their ICT exams.

Our Before and After School Care provision is now up and running & is already very popular, with a wide range of activities available ...

Employee of the month – January 2018

Croft House Nursery Blog January 3

Miss Kim – for being a good role model.


Croft House Nursery December Blog 1

Many of the Wise Owls attended the Mayor’s Christmas Concert given by Bolton Music Centre at the Victoria Hall in Bolton. We went by double decker bus which was very exciting, and we just loved the concert, joining in playing instruments and singing amongst other Christmas songs, The 12 Days of Christmas.

Miss Kerry attended a course on Assessing Progress for Children with Additional Needs.

Croft House Nursery December Blog 2  Croft House Nursery December Blog 3

Julie Greenhalgh, our Before and After School Care Manager started working with us and the builders magically transformed the former Butterfly Room into a lovely, cosy HYGGE style environment, including a kitchen area and breakfast bar for older children. We held an Open Night just before Christmas so that prospective parents and children could meet the Before and After School staff, Julie, Dawn and Toni, and could have a look at both the indoor and outdoor provision.

We held our annual Nativity at Holy Trinity Church involving Wise Owls and Owlets. The Church was full and the children were amazing, helping to tell the story, acting, singing and dancing.

We celebrated Christmas jumper day and raised over £50 for ‘Save the Children’.

Wise Owls, Owlets and Busy Bees enjoyed a lovely Christmas party at the new Horwich Leisure Centre. Dazzle the Clown was very funny and we were all very excited to have a visit from Father Christmas. He brought each of us a book. Butterflies and Ducklings had parties in their own rooms.

During the last week we had a lovely Christmas lunch cooked by Miss Jackie, Miss Pat and Miss Polly and some of us wore our Christmas sweaters again!

Croft House Nursery December Blog 4

Wise Owls went out into the Forest looking for Father Christmases. Think they eventually found some!!!

Employee of the month

Croft House Nursery December Blog 5

Miss Jessica – for offering support to colleagues & adapting well to new situations.