We were sad to lose most of the Wise Owls who left to go to school, however, we welcomed lots of new children who started at Croft House during the month of August & we are currently settling lots of new children who are starting nursery over the next few weeks.

The allotment is thriving and the children are enjoying harvesting vegetables for Miss Jackie & Miss Pat to cook.

During a recent Forest School session the children started to make a bridge across the brook near Nursery. Using branches from the forest, they used the loppers and the saw to cut them to size.

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The Butterflies went on a pram stroll.
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We’ve been busy choosing lots of new equipment for the new Nursery which is progressing well!

Employee of the month:

Croft House Nursery Blog August 5

Miss Tori - for carrying out duties above & beyond expectations.

We held our Family Forest Fun Day at the beginning of July. There were some wonderful Forest sessions for children and parents – bug-hunting, wood-crafting, scavenging and raft-building, and our very successful annual Duck Race at which we raised £201 for Meningitis Now. The afternoon concluded with a lovely picnic on Slater’s Field with lots of families enjoying being together in the sunshine. We were delighted that some of our new families joined us.


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Home visits for children of families new to Croft House commenced.

Teachers from the various local primary schools continued to visit to meet children preparing for Reception in September.

Miss Sarah went to Kearsley West Primary School to carry out a Forest School session with groups of Reception children.

We held an Open Day at our new nursery building for people who used to work there when it was an industrial building. We had over 30 visitors who enjoyed reminiscing about their experiences and telling us their memories.

We had work experience students from Rivington and Blackrod High School.

Miss Jade and Miss Beth attended a Level One Safeguarding session and Miss Toni  attended a Level Three Safeguarding session.
Miss Tracy attended a course on Social Communication and Interaction.
Miss Natasha qualified in Level 2 in Childcare.

Miss Terri’s  baby, Teddy, who was born prematurely in May, came home from hospital weighing just under 6lbs.
We ordered lots of equipment ready for our new nursery building which some of us will be moving into at the end of October. Some of the staff have been visiting the new building to plan the position of furniture.
Two of the main rooms are now plastered, one has been painted and we are currently planning floor coverings for one of them. We are also currently working on the kitchen and dining room areas.

Thanks to one of our parents we have located a superb Welsh Dresser which when it has been cleaned up will take pride of place in our new Dining Room. This is in keeping with the Hygge theme we have planned for the new Nursery.

Employee of the month – July 2017 - To be announced soon

Miss Toni & Miss Tracy attended Safeguarding training sessions.

Janet attended Early Years briefings.

Forest School sessions have started again – the children found freshwater shrimps, pond snails & tadpoles and enjoyed sausages & popcorn round the campfire.

Busy Bee children have been having their ‘Special Day’ bringing in photos of their family, home, pets & holidays to share with their friends.

Teachers from various schools have been visiting the Wise Owl children in preparation for staring school in September.

Wise Owls have been holding their parents’ meetings.

Ducklings have ordered new equipment including shape sorters, ICT and threading items.  We are currently in the process of ordering lots of equipment for the new Nursery & we have also had a new ‘den’ made.

We released the butterflies that the children have watched develop from caterpillars.

Work on our new nursery is progressing well with some rooms close to plastering level. Decisions are currently being made on the style of doors and lighting, and equipment needed for the dining room and kitchen. One of the outdoor areas has been fitted with artificial grass and the bi-folding doors from the new Busy Bee Room are looking spectacular.

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We have had great success growing mushrooms at the allotment & the strawberries, peas & broccoli are nearly ready to harvest.

The Wise Owl children, leaving Nursery to go to school in September, visited Smithills Farm.

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Employee of the month – June 2017

Croft House Nursery Blog June 6

Miss Emma J – for being a positive role model & putting nursery’s needs first.

Nominations were also received for:-

Miss Annalise     - dedication & supporting colleagues
Miss Danielle    - undertaking extra tasks
Miss Megan        - taking on tasks in her own time
Miss Lauren        - supporting colleagues
Miss Lindsay Mc    - excellent presentation & detailed Learning Journey (parent nomination)

It was Miss Kerry’s 20th year anniversary of working at Croft House Nursery!  A great achievement!

The Wise Owl children that will be leaving us for school in September had their leavers photograph taken.

Janet attended a Start Well, Early Years Meeting.

The children collected fresh eggs from the chickens at the allotment.

Staff have been visiting the new nursery building & are making plans for their rooms.

The digging/investigating area under the whispering tree has been renovated.

Butterflies have held their parents’ meetings.

Busy Bees have ordered new equipment including prams and role play items.

We held another Family Forest Fun session with nature expert Russell Hedley.  We collected minibeasts in the meadow near nursery. Two frogs were spotted and the children were able to hold them.  We caught creatures in the stream & after a short walk through the woods listening to bird calls etc we went pond dipping.

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Employees of the month – May 2017

Croft House Nursery Blog 2017 4

The Duckling Room – for their support to colleagues
Miss Kim
Miss Emma J
Miss Vicky
Miss Hannah B
Miss Emma T

Nominations were also received for:-

Miss Natasha     - taking on extra tasks and responsibilities
Miss Toni          - putting others needs first
Miss Emma J    - forward planning
Miss Sarah        - dedication & supporting colleagues   

The Wise Owl children have been busy at the allotment on Slater’s field.  They are growing onions, potatoes & peppers in the poly tunnel & have planted beetroot & broccoli in the propagator.

Miss Tracy has achieved her Level 3 Certificate in Forest School Programme Leadership qualification – Congratulations!

We welcomed a student from Paderborn, Germany who worked with us for ten days to experience Early Years provision. Janet attended a presentation given by her and her fellow students for local businesses at the Anderton Centre near Rivington.

Janet & Miss Lindsay attended a briefing regarding the 30 hours funding for eligible 3/4 year old children which is being introduced in September.

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The children were involved in various Easter themed activities including Easter bonnet making, baking nest cakes, decorating biscuits, Easter egg hunts & egg rolling.  

Several members of staff have completed their Paediatric First Aid training .

Parent meetings have taken place for Wise Owl children.

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The current forest school sessions have now finished – new groups will be arranged shortly.

Employee of the month – April 2017

Miss Jackie – for her dedication to Nursery.

Croft House Nursery Blog 6

Nominations were also received for:-

Miss Natasha –     for showing initiative & also her confident manner
Miss Meg –         for carrying out additional duties in her own time
Wise Owls –         for completing beautiful Learning Journeys
Miss Toni -         for her organisational skills
Miss Lindsay Mc -    for supporting her colleagues