It was Miss Kerry’s 20th year anniversary of working at Croft House Nursery!  A great achievement!

The Wise Owl children that will be leaving us for school in September had their leavers photograph taken.

Janet attended a Start Well, Early Years Meeting.

The children collected fresh eggs from the chickens at the allotment.

Staff have been visiting the new nursery building & are making plans for their rooms.

The digging/investigating area under the whispering tree has been renovated.

Butterflies have held their parents’ meetings.

Busy Bees have ordered new equipment including prams and role play items.

We held another Family Forest Fun session with nature expert Russell Hedley.  We collected minibeasts in the meadow near nursery. Two frogs were spotted and the children were able to hold them.  We caught creatures in the stream & after a short walk through the woods listening to bird calls etc we went pond dipping.

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Employees of the month – May 2017

Croft House Nursery Blog 2017 4

The Duckling Room – for their support to colleagues
Miss Kim
Miss Emma J
Miss Vicky
Miss Hannah B
Miss Emma T

Nominations were also received for:-

Miss Natasha     - taking on extra tasks and responsibilities
Miss Toni          - putting others needs first
Miss Emma J    - forward planning
Miss Sarah        - dedication & supporting colleagues   

The Wise Owl children have been busy at the allotment on Slater’s field.  They are growing onions, potatoes & peppers in the poly tunnel & have planted beetroot & broccoli in the propagator.

Miss Tracy has achieved her Level 3 Certificate in Forest School Programme Leadership qualification – Congratulations!

We welcomed a student from Paderborn, Germany who worked with us for ten days to experience Early Years provision. Janet attended a presentation given by her and her fellow students for local businesses at the Anderton Centre near Rivington.

Janet & Miss Lindsay attended a briefing regarding the 30 hours funding for eligible 3/4 year old children which is being introduced in September.

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The children were involved in various Easter themed activities including Easter bonnet making, baking nest cakes, decorating biscuits, Easter egg hunts & egg rolling.  

Several members of staff have completed their Paediatric First Aid training .

Parent meetings have taken place for Wise Owl children.

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The current forest school sessions have now finished – new groups will be arranged shortly.

Employee of the month – April 2017

Miss Jackie – for her dedication to Nursery.

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Nominations were also received for:-

Miss Natasha –     for showing initiative & also her confident manner
Miss Meg –         for carrying out additional duties in her own time
Wise Owls –         for completing beautiful Learning Journeys
Miss Toni -         for her organisational skills
Miss Lindsay Mc -    for supporting her colleagues

March Blog 1

We had our Crocus Walk, which lots of families attended, the weather was beautiful and we had a lovely time together.  We raised over £100 for Bolton Hospice.

We had a German work experience student in Nursery and Janet attended a presentation at the Anderton Centre.

The Wise Owl children have been busy planting vegetables at the allotment on Slater’s field.

Miss Meg & Miss Deena attended ‘Introduction to Phase 1 Letters & Sounds’ exploring developmentally appropriate activities to support children’s early phonics.

The children have enjoyed visits into the forest looking for
frogs & frogspawn, they also found newts.

Staff from another setting visited nursery to see our forest school provision.

Miss Terri attended ‘Understanding Early Communication and Language’ training to develop knowledge of language development from 0-5.

The local Bridge Street Nature Reserve group held a meeting at Croft House

Janet & Miss Kerry attended Level 3 Safeguarding training.

Miss Sarah attended a moderation meeting, discussing maths & phonics how these are implemented in Early Years.

Miss Tracy attended a workshop entitled ‘Number Journey’ a practical training session focusing on using the new number journey guidance to improve outcomes in maths development.

Janet has been involved in a task group meeting on funding and has also attended training on the new 30 hours funding.

We have had students on placement in Nursery from Smithills School & Runshaw College.

A number of staff have been attending First Aid training.

Staff appraisals have taken place.

Employee of the month – March 2017

March Blog 2

Miss Lynsey – for her good knowledge of Safeguarding procedures.

Nominations were also received for:-

Miss Hannah & Miss Annalise -    supporting a child and parent on arrival at nursery
Miss Toni -                 continued support throughout nursery
Miss Paige -                carrying out extra tasks
Miss Aimee -                for her accommodating manner
Miss Megan -                continued dedication
Miss Kerry -                carrying out duties not in her job description
Miss Deena -                showing good leadership qualities
Miss Natasha -            being confident to take on extra roles within the room

Janet attended various Early Years meetings & also visited the Nursery World Conference in London.

Miss Lindsay W. attended the first session of a Business Sustainability training programme.

The local Bridge Street Nature Reserve group held a meeting at Croft House

Croft House Nursery Blog February 3

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Bolton Oral Health Improvement Officer, Jenny, came with her puppet friends to talk to the Wise Owls about the importance of looking after our teeth. We talked about why our teeth are so important and which foods are good or bad for our teeth. Christopher the Crocodile showed us how to clean our teeth properly!

 Croft House Nursery Blog February 1

We had our staff training session with Debbie Garvey which was extremely productive.  The session involved us looking at quality childcare and how we can continue to provide it in our new building.  We also looked at how the brain functions and how this affects our ability to adapt to change.  We had lots of discussion time on areas such as the importance of communication, identifying how we feel about the changes that the move to our new premises will bring.

We would like to share some of our recent research into HYGGE, a Danish concept relating to creating safe, comfortable, welcoming, calming environments which we feel could play an important part in the refurbishment of our new building.  Coming soon …. look out for the display in the parents’ room!

In anticipation of World Book Day, we purchased lots of new books for Nursery, more on this in next month’s blog.

You may have noticed that we have had several of the trees surrounding nursery pruned & also the area has been surveyed to ensure that the established, large trees do not pose any safety issues.  

Shrove Tuesday – all children in Nursery on Tuesday 28th enjoyed pancakes with a choice of topping!

Employee of the month – February 2017

Miss Natasha – for her fantastic feedback on a child’s day.
(nominated by a parent)

Croft House Nursery Blog February 4
Nominations were also received for:-

Miss Emma J     – for her commitment to nursery
Miss Toni     - for supporting her colleagues

We received news that we had been successful in a bid for Capital Funding from the Government to help us provide more places for 3 and 4 year olds. The funding relates to the Government's quest to provide extra places to support the delivery of the 30 hours childcare offer for 3 and 4 year old from September 2017.  This means that a substantial part of our new building on Bridge Street will be ready for use this September.

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Wise Owl swimming lessons recommenced.

Janet & Miss Kerry attended an Early Help and Child Action at Level 2 level course.

Miss Kim attended an ‘Emergency First Aid at Work’ training course.

Forest School sessions have started again with the children enjoying activities such as hunting for mini beasts, making pastry & feeding the birds, they particularly enjoyed ‘1,2,3, Where are you’ in which they run away from the leader and then come back when instructed to – this is a great way of children developing their listening skills.

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year – the year of the Rooster.  The children enjoyed a Chinese meal of sweet & sour chicken & noodles.  Wise Owls attempted to use chopsticks and have also been learning about the customs associated with Chinese New Year.

We took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.  We have lots of bird feeders in the area surrounding nursery and have been carrying out surveys to see which birds visit us. We also made lots of our own bird food & feeders & went into the forest to feed the birds.

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On Burn’s Night the Wise Owls tried haggis, neaps & tatties, made Scottish flags and read about the poet, Robert Burns.

Employee of the month – January 2017

Croft House Nursery Blog January 4

Miss Vicky – for carrying out duties in her own time & for demonstrating humility in a challenging situation.

Nominations for Employee of the month are as follows:-

Miss Danielle – for her involvement in weekly swimming lessons.
Miss Toni - for putting others first.
Butterfly Room – for supporting a colleague.