Miss Emma J attended ‘Let’s Make It Count!’ EY Conference, learning the latest tips and practical ways to support maths in early years.

Janet and Joanna attended the Nursery World Conference in London. They participated in several seminars including ‘the links between physical development and mathematics’, Literacy for Early Years and Forest School reflections and were able to see examples of the latest nursery equipment.

The Wise Owl children have been busy planting seeds ready to transfer to the poly tunnel at the allotment on Slater’s field.

We took part in the British Heart Foundation ‘Wear it, Beat it’ campaign. The children enjoyed a special red food menu & many of the children & staff wore red items of clothing to nursery. We raised £65.00!

We had both senior and full staff meetings. We had lots to discuss as the majority of staff have now been to visit the new nursery site at Longworth House.

Dean and Tyler are working hard at Longworth House clearing the buildings ready for restoration.

We had our belated Christmas staff night out and also incorporated celebrating our successful Ofsted result!

We had a lunch meeting to discuss the STEM project (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths).

We took delivery of some new bikes and also lots of new dolls clothes.

Employee of the month goes to: Miss Tori – for her conscientious attitude towards her responsibilities.

Nominations were also made for the following people:
Miss Kerry & Miss Lauren for their caring approach.
Miss Emma J & Miss Annalise for helping out in other rooms.


We had our Ofsted inspection & are delighted to be able to tell you officially that we were once again judged to be ‘Outstanding!’

Wise Owl swimming lessons recommenced.

Miss Toni attended a Fire Awareness training course.

Miss Heather attended a Quality Network Meeting

Janet attended an Early Years Professionals’ Alliance meeting, Early Years Improvement Consultation Group (Bolton) & Early Years event for childcare settings. Aspects such as staff training, before and after school provision, challenges facing Early Years setting managers were discussed at these sessions.

Miss Sarah attended moderation of children’s writing.

Early Years Foundation Stage (in-house) training continued with level 2 students.

Initial plans were submitted for the new nursery.

The children have been visiting the allotment on Slater’s field.

We took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.

Miss Tracy started Forest School sessions with groups of Busy Bee & Wise Owl children.


Employee of the month goes to:

Miss Lauren for undertaking additional responsibilities & her continued support of colleagues.

Nominations were also made for the following people:

Miss Vicky – supporting a colleague in her hour of need.

Miss Tracy – for her ICT skills.

Miss Lindsay Mc – excellent role as a key person.

Miss Tori – for showing care & concern/using her first aid skills with a member of the public

Miss Terri/Abi/Sarah – for outstanding professionalism.

Miss Hannah – supporting a parent.

Miss Lindsay W – taking on extra responsibilities to support a colleague.

 The Wise Owl room was temporarily converted to a recording studio whilst we recorded the songs for the Nativity.

Miss Kerry attended a course entitled ‘Communicating with Parents’.

Janet & Miss Toni completed an online fire awareness training course.

Early Years Foundation Stage (in-house) training continued with level 2 students.

The Wise Owl Nativity at Holy Trinity Church was once again very successful. The children were fantastic and really enjoyed the event – as did the many family members and friends that came to watch.

The Busy Bee & Wise Owl children had great fun at their Christmas party at the Leisure Centre which included a visit from Father Christmas, entertainment from Dazzle the Clown, party food & disco!

Christmas parties were also held at Nursery for the Duckling & Butterfly children who enjoyed party food, singing and games.

The Wise Owl children visited Hazelbrook Nursing Home to sing Christmas songs with the residents.

Everyone in Nursery on the 18th December enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch prepared by Miss Jackie & Miss Pat.

The car park directly outside Nursery has been resurfaced.

Proposed Nursery site:-
The Site Manager, Dean and his assistant, Tyler, spent December clearing the buildings of items left by the previous owners to enable safe working for further development. Our architect has spent a considerable amount of time measuring the site and making suggestions regarding possible layout. We will be taking account of suggestions made by staff and parents before finalising plans which are due to be submitted to Bolton Council for planning approval.

Employee of the month goes to:
Miss Pat for her dedication & loyalty to Nursery.

Nominations were also made for the following people:
Miss Hannah RN – for initiating an excellent discussion regarding Learning Journeys.
Miss Aimee – for her hard work & dedication.
Miss Toni - for supporting her colleagues.
Miss Jackie – for taking on extra responsibilities.
Miss Lindsay W/Miss Vicky/Miss Lindsay Mc – for their continued support for Nursery.

As part of her Forest School training Miss Tracy completed a two day Outdoor First Aid qualification at Brockholes Nature Reserve.

The Wise Owls have started practising for the Nativity - ‘Gifts for the King’ on Saturday 12th December @ Holy Trinity Church.

Early Years Foundation Stage (in-house) training continued with level 2 students.

All staff appraisals & observations were completed focusing on how practitioners and educators engage with children.

We shared our news of the purchase of Longworth House on Bridge Street with the intention of seeking planning permission to convert to a Nursery.

We had a visit from Bernie Jordan, a Forest School practitioner, who helped the Wise Owl children & staff to create a wicker dome on Purl Meadow.

Miss Terri attended an Early Years Senco briefing.

Miss Lauren attended a course entitled ‘Embedding Music into Early Years’ at Bolton Music Centre and is enjoying sharing her knowledge with the children & staff.

We purchased some new IT equipment, Beebots - programmable floor robots, & also a new projector for the smart board.

The ‘No-mow’ on front area has been thoroughly cleaned & we have had several rooms in the Nursery re-decorated.

It was our annual ‘Open Night’ on Monday 30th November. The evening was a great success and we raised over £150.00 for Cancer Research with the Lucy Dip & contributions towards refreshments! Thank you to everyone that came along - we were delighted that so many of you were able to attend. We were very happy to see families with children that will be starting Nursery in the near future. Thanks also to Phoenix Trader greetings cards representative Sallyann, to Claire from A Step at a Time Children’s Boutique, The Book People, and to Unique Designs by Amber for bringing some of their lovely wares to sell on the night.

Employee of the month goes jointly to:
Miss Danielle for working hard even when she didn’t feel totally well & for supporting a colleague with personal matters.
Miss Lindsay Mc for her constantly professional and pleasant nature, and for going out of her way to do extra things for Nursery.

Nominations were also made for the following people:
Miss Sophie for settling into Wise Owls so quickly & for becoming a fantastic addition to the team.
Miss Terri for recycling lots of media/materials for the festive displays & still making sure they are beautiful.
Miss Kerry for helping Busy Bees & Ducklings with their festive displays.


This month some of the staff successfully completed their Paediatric First Aid Training. Currently all staff qualified from Level 2 upwards as well as our Office Manager and Kitchen Staff are fully up-to-date with their Paediatric First Aid.

Miss Tracy began her Forest School Level 3 training with Lancashire Wildlife Trust. This intensive and demanding training will equip her to lead Forest School sessions with the children in the forest in the future.

Janet attended an Early Years Conference at Bolton College which included sessions on Preparation for Ofsted and current training issues and opportunities.

Our new trainees attended in-house training on aspects relating to Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Busy Bee Room was decorated this month and displays are currently being changed to reflect new topics including spiders and Let’sBuild!

We held an evening meeting for our new parents in the Duckling Room. We discussed aspects such as sleeping, feeding and language development.

Miss Lindsay attended some training on Working with Under Twos run by Bolton Early Years.

Three staff attended an evening’s training delivered by Elizabeth Jarman who advises on creating calming and communication friendly spaces.

Staff appraisals and observations were carried out this month, with the focus on how practitioners and educators engage with children.

Janet attended an Early Years Update run by Bolton Early Years covering several topics including children’s progress and assessment and preparing for Ofsted.

We took delivery of some lovely outdoor seats made from logs which we intend using for Forest School and other outdoor sessions.

We held a very successful Bird-watching session on the last Saturday in October in the Bridge Street Local Nature Reserve (known by the children as ‘The Forest’). This was led by Russell Hedley, local nature expert of Nature Talks and Walks. Parents, grandparents and children made special bird pastry to stick to the trees and bushes. (We were later told that someone had seen some nuthatches feeding on the pastry!). The weather was perfect for a bird-watch and we had lovely picnic in the forest after we had finished attaching the pastry to the trees. (The session was covered in a great article by the Bolton News on Tuesday 3rd. November).

Employee of the month:-
The nominations are as follows:-
Miss Toni for making fab suggestions when working with Wise Owls
Miss Danielle for her constantly positive attitude towards her work
Miss Sarah for being an excellent role-model for staff and children and for her constant dedication and sense of team spirit.
Miss Kerry for her ability to put others at ease and for carrying out tasks beyond expectations.
Everyone for working so well as a team during heavy rainfall that could have resulted in a flood.
Miss Heather for her constant dedication and sense of team-spirit.
The Wise Owl staff for coping so well with new staffing arrangements.
Miss Abi for making sure all colleagues in her room have a voice and for treating everyone fairly

This month’s award goes jointly to:-
Miss Terri for her ‘can do’ approach, being a good role-model and for her constant dedication and sense of team spirit.
Miss Aimee for supporting her colleagues so well and for solving an ICT challenge that led to smoother working practice.