Employee of the Month

February 2022

Miss Holly 

Congratulations to Miss Holly who is our Employee of the Month for her fantastic achievement in coming second in the Paragon Skills Apprenticeships Awards 2022.  Also “for being really influential to our daughter. She always talks about her at home and the things she's done for her” (Parent Nomination)

“for always giving brilliant specific feedback about my child’s day and doesn't rush through it! (Parent N)

Other Nominations included:

Abi for always caring about everyone’s wellbeing and making sure everyone is ok

Aimee for being really kind and comforting and spending a lot of time with my child to settle him back into nursery. (Parent Nomination)

Ayan – “she offered support to carry my bags when I had my hands full whilst carrying my child into nursery.”

Beth, Meg, Sarah and Laura in Wise Owl 2 are truly wonderful. All guided by a wonderful manager in Janet” (Parent Nomination)

Busy Bee room – for a completing a wonderful activity during Children’s Mental Health Week.  “My child hasn’t stopped talking about the amazing spa day they had with cucumbers on their eyes!  Speaking to all the ladies in the room about it this morning and they all lit up and full of smiles I think they enjoyed it too! It is so lovely to see their hard work and commitment to engaging the children and making things fun especially around mental health and wellbeing as it is very important to me and everyone.” (Parent Nomination)

Deena for quickly implementing positive changes to the Butterfly Room

Daniella for making the room transition as smooth as possible and for her continued support (Parent Nomination)

Duckling Room for knowing my child so well.  They give personal and thorough feedback and take the time to talk to me about his progress and development. I feel lucky knowing that he is having such meaningful and exciting experiences every single day! (Parent Nomination)

Emma D for gaining a 1st in her degree and for being such an excellent ambassador for Nursery.

Emma S for her growth in confidence.

Hannah B for supporting her colleagues so well.

Jackie W for excellent teamwork in After School Club

Jacky G for supporting her colleagues so well.

Jasmine: for providing wonderful feedback to parents and for her growth in confidence.

Lauren G for always creating fantastic activities, engaging all children.

Lindsay Mc for always putting a smile on everyone’s face and for supporting staff to further their activities.

Lucy for taking the time to observe another room’s current topic display and bring in resources for them to enhance the child’s learning. 

Meg B-L: for always putting100% effort into her working day, providing excellent activities for her key children’s interests.

Morgan for always making an extra effort with my child and always supporting him to be himself and express himself. She always gives us good feedback and is working really hard to encourage him with potty training. (Parent Nomination)

Piper – she is always polite, saying good morning to everyone.  She has a lovely approach with the children.

Rae for keeping calm and carrying on.

Rachel Wi for taking on extra responsibilities 

Rachel Wo for excellent teamwork in After School Club

Sarah for handling any situation she faces with kindness and good humour. (Parent Nomination)

Tori for always giving us a great handover of how my child’s day has been.  My child always seems to be really comfortable and happy to go to her in the mornings. (Parent Nomination)

Vicky for working hard and getting on with things.  She ensures the room has fantastic resources and activities

Wise Owl 1 room for their brilliant and thought out activities for the children each week and the overall care and adventure they give them! (Parent Nomination)

Zoey for supporting her colleagues so well

January 2022

Miss Judy

Congratulations to Miss Judy who is our Employee of the Month for always doing jobs beyond her expected role.  She always greets every child with a big smile and offers her support to all rooms without a second thought.  She also purchases toys for the children.

Other Nominations included:

Beth – for completing fantastic evidence me observations.  They are detailed, very informative and regularly updated.  “My child has recently moved rooms and has settled so well.  Thank you so much.” (Parent nomination)

Cortney for always giving fantastic feedback. (Parent nomination)

Dawn for her continued support and dedication in AfterSchool Club

Emma D for always offering support to others when in need.

Emma S for always going the extra mile to bond with my child and giving lovely feedback. (Parent nomination)

Jacky G – For helping and supporting After School Club

Jackie W for her continued support and dedication in AfterSchool club

Kim for being absolutely fantastic.  She is a very calming influence and so knowledgeable.

Lindsay M for being a good listening ear and helping to make the day go smoother.

Lucy for taking the lead when we had a challenging week.

Morgan for how well she managed the room during a challenging week.

Rachel Wi “for always giving lovely feedback and you can tell she really knows the children and spots the little things, which makes her feedback feel special and so personal. Our little boy is always happy to go to her and if he has a wobble we know he is happy to go to Miss Rachel for comfort and reassurance.” (Parent Nomination)

Shannon “for always being so positive and interested in what's going on with my child and us as a family. We really appreciate the attention and kindness she continues to show to my child, helping her feel so comfortable at nursery.” (Parent Nomination)

Terri for being a supportive team player and taking on extra roles

December 2021

Miss Kerry

Congratulations to Miss Kerry who is our Employee of the Month for organising the Christmas light switch on and having the vision.  Also for organising the ‘Jingle and Mingle’ evening for staff.

Other Nominations included:

Abi “for taking my child’s new favourite interest and planning a fantastic activity to go with it.  Just amazing to feel that my child is well thought of and feel very valued.  Thank you so much Abi” (Parent Nomination)

Holly for being the best support in the WO1 room.  She is super helpful, caring and excellent with parents.

Cortney for always ensuring the staff room is tidy and clean.

Laura for stepping in to buy resources for other rooms.

Lindsay W for all her efforts for the staff jingle and mingle evening.

Meg H for her dedication to making sure the children in after school club are happy through the club she has set up and providing resources.

Sarah for always promoting her staff’s wellbeing and directing staff to ensure the nativity was a success.

Tracy for supporting through early helps and filling out EHCP

Tracy and all the Wise Owl team for a fantastic nativity and singing, acting and dancing with the children.

November 2021

Miss Tori

Congratulations to Miss Tori who is our Employee of the Month for always giving good, honest feedback and setting up creative activities for the children.

Other Nominations included:

Annalise for sending regular, detailed updates on Evidence Me (Parent Nomination)

Beth for setting up a lovely range of activities for the children and for being a good team player.

Cortney for having the ability and confidence to take the lead in Ducklings.

Emma D for taking responsibility to help other rooms.

Emma S for giving excellent feedback to parents.

Emma T for sending regular evidence me observations and being a supportive member of staff.

Hannah for helping to support other members of staff.

Holly for being absolutely amazing at settling a child and having a kind, caring personality.   

Meg for being an absolute superstar with a child.

Rachel W for helping to support before/after school club

Rae for helping to support After School club

Vicky for being flexible with her work and providing extra support.

The Butterfly room for always writing fantastic daily email reports to parents.

October 2021

Miss Cortney

Congratulations to Miss Cortney who is our Employee of the month for being a very good team player and for giving detailed, animated and positive feedback to parents.

Other Nominations included:

Abi – for being very friendly and welcoming (Parent Nomination)

Aimee – for providing extra support to help a child settle into nursery (Parent Nomination)

Butterfly Room – “for being amazing. We are so happy our child enjoys Croft so much as she does” (Parent Nomination)

Ebony – for having a fantastic manner with the parents and growing in confidence when approaching parents.

Ellie – she did a fantastic first observation for her level 2 qualification

Emma D – “she gives fantastic feedback at the end of the day and always comments on the Parent’s Evidence Me observations which makes me feel that my child is valued.” (Parent Nomination)

Emma S – she always sets activities up beautifully.

Holly – “ She is such a credit to Croft House and has been so amazing with both my children since she started, she is so good at her job and is always so positive and informative! Both my children love her to bits” (Parent Nomination)

Judy – going the extra mile helping to set the Duckling room up for the meeting.

Lauren S – for doing a fantastic observation with the children for her tutor

Lindsay M – “Please can we nominate Miss Lindsay from the busy bee room for employee of the month.  All of the staff are great with my child, but Miss Lindsay especially.  Miss Lindsay has really great attention to detail and is always really detailed and thorough when telling us about our child’s day.  When working in a room with so many children, being able to recite his whole day in detail is remarkable.  Sometimes when my child isn’t feeling one hundred percent I will call in to check on how he is doing, and Miss Lindsay is always so lovely and kind and nothing is ever too much trouble.  Miss Lindsay is an asset to Croft house, knowing my child is in being looked after to such a high standard makes our lives so much easier.  Again all of the girls are amazing, but Miss Lindsay especially stands out. (Parent Nomination)

Maryann – for providing fantastic feedback to parents and being polite and welcoming. (Parent Nomination)

Morgan – for being an excellent communicator in the Wise Owl Parent’s meeting

Rae – she has adapted so well in her new role, always there if needed. A true role model.

Sarah – for helping to support in the Wise Owl meeting.

Shannon – for encouraging a child to eat different foods. (Parent Nomination)

Vicky – She has brought a very positive attitude to work.  She is focussed. positive and bubbly, making others feel happier.