Staff @ Croft House Nursery 

Staffing at Croft House Nursery September 2019


Duckling Room

*~+Miss Kim NVQ Level 3

* ~Miss Heather NVQ Level 3 & Team Leadership Level 2 (3 days)

*~Miss Tori NVQ Level 3 (3 days)

~ Miss Terri NVQ Level 3 Management Level 3 (4 days)

^~ Miss Vicky NVQ Level 3

~Miss Natasha NVQ Level 3

~Miss Morgan NVQ Level 2 pursuing NVQ Level 3

~Miss Chloe W Pursuing NVQ Level 2

~ Miss Chloe G pursuing NVQ Level 2


Butterfly Room

*~Miss Sophie NVQ Level 3

^~Miss Annalise NVQ Level 3

^~Miss Danielle NVQ Level 3

~Miss Amy NVQ Level 2 pursuing Level 3

Miss Lucy pursuing NVQ Level 2


Ladybird Room

* ~Miss Lauren J NVQ Level 3

^~Miss Aimee NVQ Level 3

~Miss Dannielle NVQ Level 3

~Miss Shannon NVQ Level 2 pursuing Level 3

Miss Maryann pursuing NVQ Level 2


Busy Bee Room

*~Miss Emma J NVQ Level 4 (4 days) pursuing Level 5 & degree in Early Years

~Miss Deena NVQ Level 3 (3 days)

~Miss Rachael NVQ Level 3

~Miss Suzanne NVQ Level 3 (2 days)

~Miss Megan H NVQ Level 2 pursuing Level 3

Miss Holly NVQ Level 2 pursuing Level 3


Wise Owls:

*~QTS Miss Laura BSc. (Hons) PGCE, pursuing Forest School Teacher qualification

~ Miss Meg W NVQ Level 4 (pursuing Early Years degree) (2 days)

~Miss Sarah C NVQ Level 3

~Miss Jade NVQ Level 3

~Miss Emma T NVQ Level 3 (3 days)

~Miss Beth NVQ Level 3

~Miss Cortney NVQ Level 2


Currently on Maternity Leave:

~Miss Hannah B NVQ Level 3

Miss Lynsey F CACHE DCE (3 days)

~Miss Lindsay Mc NVQ Level 3 (3 days)

~Miss Lauren T NVQ Level 3


Training Champion:

~Miss Rachel B.A. (Hons) in Early Years Studies, TAQA Assessor’s Course

NVQ Level 3 (3 days)


Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)

~Miss Terri NVQ Level 3 Management Level 3 (4 days)


Health Champion & Behaviour Management Co-ordinator

~Miss Abi NVQ Level 3 (3 days)


Kitchen Staff:

# & Miss Jackie Basic Food Hygiene Certificate

& Miss Brenda Basic Food Hygiene Certificate

& Miss Julie Basic Food Hygiene Certificate



Miss Janette, Miss Judy, Miss Maria

Caretaker: Mr Ged


Deputy Managers

# ~ & Miss Kerry NVQ Level 3, Deputy Safeguarding Officer (Level 3)

~ Miss Toni NVQ Level 3, Safeguarding Level 3

~ ofs Miss Tracy B.Tec Nursery Nursing, Safeguarding (Level 2) Forest School



Office Manager:          Miss Lindsay

Admin Assistant:         Miss Jacky G

Manager: QTS ~ ofs   Janet Lomax-Baker B.Ed (Hons), Early Years Professional,

Former Ofsted Insp., M.A. (Nursery Management), Safeguarding Officer (Level 3) Forest School Teacher


Before/After School Club:

~Miss Julie, NVQ Level 4, (3 days)

~Miss Toni, NVQ Level 3, Safeguarding Level 2 (2 days)

~Miss Hannah G NVQ Level 3

~Miss Dawn Play-worker

~Miss Jackie Play-worker

* denotes Room Co-ordinator       ~ denotes Paediatric First Aid Certificate

^ denotes Deputy Room Co-ordinator   + denotes First Aid in Working with Adults

& denotes Food Safety in Catering Level 2   # denotes NCFE Level 2 in Nutrition and Health

ofs denotes outdoor first aid trained  QTS denotes Qualified Teacher Status