We were delighted this January to be awarded Outstanding, once again for our provision at Croft House Nursery.

I am extremely proud of our loyal and dedicated staff who consistently work hard to create the best learning environment for children.

If you would like to read the full report, it is available here.

The Inspector highlighted many aspects of our practice including:-

"Outstanding support for all children’s physical and emotional needs"

"Teaching which is consistently of the highest standards and is enthralling, vibrant and innovative"

"Parents receive exceptionally detailed information about their children’s progress and well-being which promotes continuity of development"

"Nursery managers seek out new initiatives which extend their own knowledge and skills and fire children’s interests further by offering even more innovative and exciting challenges"

"The nursery has a high embedded culture of professional development"

"Progress in meticulously monitored"

"The outdoor environment is used exceptionally well including regular visits to local woodlands. Children have a wonderful time exploring, using their imagination and developing their skills to think critically"

"The teaching about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, effective hygiene routines and regular excercise is outstanding"

"Children receive exemplary preparation for their next steps in learning, including school. They make exceptional progress from their starting points. Children are highly confident, curious and motivated, as well as having excellent behaviour and communication skills"